Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Google Group at TechShop: Silkscreen Workshop

on Tues. Jan. 31st, 2012, I taught Silkscreen Basics techniques to a fun, energetic group of people from Google.

at TechShop with some of the staff's help, we set up the tables, transferred the Google logos to the screens and I demonstrated the process to the group. At each station, they worked as a team, 4 people in each team, total of 5 stations. The group printed blue T.shirts, and some people creatively placed the logo on various parts of the T.shirts: sleeves, sides and the back. Here are some of the photos and a video:

Vinyl Stancil transferred to the screen

One the stations, ready for people to start printing.

different stations, with printing materials and T.shirts.

Tour of the space

Tour of the space before we started
My demo: a rendition of the Google logo printed on the T.shirt

A team is printing on a T.shirt.

one of the teams is figuring out the placement of the logo on the T.shirt

Two stations, teams in action

I am observing one of the team's process: they were discussing the placement of the logo on the T. shirt's sleeve; Creative!
I am handing tape to one of the people, he didn't need it though.:)

Fun conversation over where to print the logo

At one of the stations, busy with action, good ideas and energy!

Securing the T.shirt on the table.

People in one of the teams helping each other

Printing the FinOps logo

Be creative: Google upside down!
Both logos together

Logo on the back of a T.shirt

FinOps logo printed perfectly on the back of a T.shirt.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Teaching Silkscreen Techniques at TechShop in San Jose

Tech Shop in San Jose, November, 2011: I have been teaching silkscreening techniques at TechShop in San Jose since Aug. 2011. Below are images of my students while working, printing and their hand printed finished T. Shirts. I really enjoy teaching at TechShop; it is a cool, spacious place with good friendly staff to work with and wonderful students to teach to.

One of the students on Wed. Nov. 30th printed a fun T.shirt combining Tech shop Logo with his chosen design

students are preparing their screen after with their stancils on them

Preparing to print on the t.shirt

printing on the t.shirt

t.shirt is ready!

another fun image prepared and printed on the t.shirt

me, cleaning the squeegee

student printing on his test fabric
transferring stancil

adding details to vinyl stancil

the finished stancil, ready to print

blocking areas outside the printing stancil on the screen

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a finished hand printed t.shirt

another t.shirt printed and ready to wear

running the squeegee across the screen

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another happy student wearing his finished hand printed t.shirt