Art 2A Materials

(Overall estimated cost for entire semester: $50-$65)
·        Students must come to each session prepared and with necessary supplies, please plan accordingly.
·        The following maybe needed during the semester: photocopies, access to a digital camera and a computer
·        Students may use the materials they already have.

The following materials are required for this course:
Pad of good drawing paper, minimum 18” x 24” in size. Strathmore, Canson, or other drawing pads are acceptable.
One pad of newsprint, bogus rough, or craft paper, 18” x 24” minimum.
• One 9” x 12” or smaller sketchbook

Mark-making and other supplies:
One of each of the following drawing pencils: 6B, 2B, 3B, HB, H, or one complete set of pencils
One package of mixed-size or large-size Bob’s Fine Vine Charcoal or equivalent. (medium or soft)
Compressed charcoal - 4b or 6b. Buy 2 sticks. Conte brand is the best.
One -two Charcoal pencils, Pro Arts or other brand
Conte crayons: 2sticks of soft black, 2 sticks of terra cotta or other warm earth tone, 2 sticks of white.
• Graphite stick: 6b or 4b, General's Kimberly Graphite Sticks includes: 2 soft, 1 medium, and 1 firm
1 round watercolor brush, medium size equivalent to size 8-10 (any brand)
1 bottle of black India Ink: Higgins brand is good (1 Fl. oz)
• Ink pen and metal nibs (sets are best value like Speedball Pen & Ink Set)
Erasers: 1 ArtGum, 1 White Vinyl Pen Eraser, 1 Kneaded
• Drafting Tape or other low-adhesive tape.
• Artist Pens (Faber-Castell or Micron or other brands): superfine, medium and brush point
Drawing board large enough to accommodate an 18” x 24” sheet of paper. 26x23 inch
• 2 flat pieces of standard thickness cardboard to create a portfolio 24” x 36” or 1 Economy Portfolio 23" X 31" for carrying drawings.
Miscellaneous  Materials:
2        1  STEEL FLEX RULER 24" NON-STICK, see through
3        a couple of small cotton rags
4        1 Krylon or  BLAIR SPRAY FIX MATTE 4.75 OZ (NOT spray adhesive!)  or hair spray but it won’t be archival and will yellow your artwork over time
5        1  ROLL SKETCH/TRACE 18" X 20YD (or large pad)
6        1  100 GRIT SANDPAPER
7        1  TACKLE BOX for holding supplies (a shoe box will do) * Remember to wear suitable clothing to class and/or a smock or apron.
8     Prang Oval-8 Pan Watercolor Set, 8 Assorted Colors

Essential Materials: 

 Image result for watercolor brush

   Vine Charcoal, Medium, Pkg of 12 Sticks

Sketch board, 23x26 in. 

Miscellaneous  Materials:

Workable Fixative Spray, Clear, 11 oz.
                                         Prang Watercolor Oval Set With Brush, Assorted, Set Of 8 Colors
Where to Buy Materials:
Online Art Stores:
·        Michael’s Art Supply (various locations)
·        Daniel Smith Art Supplies: 
·        Dick Blick Art Supplies:
·        MisterArt: 

Local Stores:
1.      Cabrillo College Book Store (may not carry everything or prices might be higher)
2.      Lenz Arts in Santa Cruz:, 142 River St.,
3.      Palace Art & Office Supply in Santa Cruz and Capitola, 41st Ave. & Downtown (Pacific Garden Mall):     AND 
4.      Art Supplies, Ink in Aptos: 7960 Soquel Drive, Suite H1. Aptos, CA 95003, 831-708-2855 
5.      S & G Hand Made Crafts in Aptos: (831) 722-8240 10
6.      Wild Rose, Watsonville: Crossroads Shopping Center
1929 Main St, Ste 1, Watsonville, CA 95076, (831) 722-4282