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Contemporary Art: Contemporary art is the art of today, produced by artists who are living in the twenty-first century. Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society and the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us. 

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Artists directories such as:
Gesture Drawings

Etching by Henry Moore of an elephant skull, produced in the 1960s and printed as an album in 1970.

Eugene Delacroix
Lion Devouring a Hare (1851), red chalk

Lion Attacking a Boar (1851), red chalk

Alberto Giacometti
 Artist's Mother (1951), graphite
 Untitled (1956), engraving
 Annette Sewing (1954), graphite

Rico Lebrun

Claus Oldenberg

Pat Reading in Bed, Lenox (1959), crayon

  Honoré Daumier

 Riot Scene (1871), pen and ink wash

                                                                             Henry Moore


Sheep Study (1972), etching

The Artist's Hand V (1979), Lithograph on paper