ART 2A, Assignments and Announcements

ART 2A, Drawing & Composition

Instructor: Pantea Karimi
Office# 2039. Office HoursMon& Wed: 12:10 PM-12:55 PM

Assignment on Oct 31st and Nov 5th:
Updated Calendar (Oct 17-Dec 10): 
Mon 1: planar analysis, volume analysis of objects, proportion
Wed 3: planar analysis, volume analysis of objects, proportion
Mon 8: texture, color,
Wed 10: texture, color, pattern
Mon 15: value, shading (composition and three level grounds)
Wed 17: value, shading (value pattern analysis of one object at the time, color and white)
Mon 22: expressive uses of value, rubbed and erased charcoal drawing, Maker Space Tour at 2:30 PM
Wed 24: critique and discussion (research Library critique, expressive value projects)
Mon 29: value, shading (Value patterns analysis of random objects, and nature)
Wed 31: value, shading, and composition (personal projects)

Mon 5: balance and composition (personal projects continue)
Wed 7: landscape drawings
Mon 12: HOLIDAY NO Class
Wed 14: landscape drawings
Mon 19: critique, (landscape projects, personal value projects), all portfolios are due (I won’t accept portfolios after this date)
Wed 21: Final Project: Collage
Mon 26: final project: Composition
Wed 28: final project: Composition

Mon 3: final project: Value and Composition
Wed 5: final project: Value and Composition
Mon 10: Final Critique, 1:00-3:50 PM, present your final projects for final grades, return of portfolios

Value Assignments: 
Mon 10/15/2018

Texture Assignments: 
Wed 10/10/2018

Monday 10/8/2018

Planar Assignments on Wed. 10/3
Bring the two objects you used to draw  your 3 drawing pieces on Wed 9/19, for the critique we will have on 9/24 to show along side your drawings. 
Assignment on Wed. 9/19: Two objects

Classroom Assignments: 2 hours: divide 2 hrs between 3 drawings

Create 2 drawing-compositions with your objects, you may use 2 other objects of your choice from classroom's still life collection. 
Drawing 1. Draw object 1 (whichever object you choose between the two), use linear drawing (only lines) 
Drawing 2. Draw object 2. (whichever object you choose between the two), use shapes, positive/negative spaces. 
Size for each drawing 6x9, or 8x10 or  8x8, or 10x10 inches 
You must cut your frames and use drawing paper.

Create 1 final drawing-compositions with 2 objects:
Drawing 3. present the two objects together in an elaborate composition. You may use text, or another object or more objects to compose with your 2 objects. The aim with this exercise is to create a cohesive, emotional drawing that presents some sort of content/intention.  
Size: 15x10 or 9x14 or 11x17 inches
Use compositional techniques in your composition, use perspective. Project your feelings on your objects and compositions. Use thin, thick and all other sorts of lines.
You must cut your frame and use drawing paper.
Materials: pencils on paper or charcoal pencil.
These will be critiqued on Monday 24th

Mechanical Line, Structural Line, Contour Line
Blurred Line, Implied line, Calligraphic Line,
 Whimsical line, Aggressive Line, Lyrical Line 

Composition Techniques/Composition Approach: Close-up, isolation of forms,  cropping, symmetrical, asymmetrical, zoom-out, crowd the picture plane with images (fear of void), center, corner, activating the edge (dominance of the edge), use of perspective to create depth and space, overlapping
Assignment for  
Wed. September 26th: Library Visit, Outside Classroom Research Activity (we don’t meet in classroom)

Wed. September 26th: Library Visit, Outside Classroom Research Activity (we don’t meet in classroom)

Final Assignment Due Date: Mon. Oct. 8th (you have 11 days to finish this assignment).

Library Visit: you will meet with either Michelle Morton or Laura Dickie at Library’s classroom upstairs inside the library at 1:40 PM. One of the Librarians will conduct a lecture from 1:45 to 2:15 PM on how to research online and the library database. After the lecture you will have time until 4:00 PM in the classroom to research online or use the library and find your artists (you have access to computers inside the classroom). Librarians have Art 2A roster and will take roll. Please be on time!

  • The classroom is Library 1051 upstaris
  • free black & white printing in the classroom is OK, but for color printing students would have to come downstairs to print.  The cost is 50¢ a page.
·       Research 2 artists (one from the past and one from contemporary/recent time). See the list below.   You may choose only 1 artist of your choice as long as they are well-known.
·       Choose 1 work from each artist (it is preferred that you choose a drawing or a painting that has drawing quality)
·       Write 1-page report for each artist, font size: 11. Write your full name, and date on top of the page (total 2 pages)
·       Include thumbnails of the original artworks, thumbnail size around 3x3 in. in your 1-page report for each artist
·       Visually re-interpret the artworks, 5 of each, and create 10 drawings based on the 2 originals, you may re-interpret the drawings in any way you want (use composition techniques, line, shapes, negative-positive space, mass drawing, gestural lines, perspective, etc.)
·       Final presentation size: each frame must not be smaller than 8x11 in. (rectangular) or 8x8 in. (square). You will create 10 frames total for both artists/selected artworks, you create 5 various re-interpretations for each artwork
·       Materials: charcoal, pencil, pen or ink on paper

Criteria for 2-page typed reports of your research about artists, their works and information:
Answer the following questions: Who made the artworks, where they are from and what are interesting about the artists? (specify 1-3 characteristics about the artists or their process that are attractive to you). What are the medium (media), dimensions, and date the arts were created?  What are the artworks about? Explain the inspiration/s behind each work?  How are the artworks relevant to you as an artist?
Grade: 20% attendance, 30%  2 page-written reports (must be typed and printed with thumbnails), 50% artworks                 total of %100
Giacometti    Van Gogh       Henry Matisse            Peter Paul Rubens      Honoré Daumier      Donald Sultan                  Eugene Delacroix        Claus Oldenberg           Saul Steinberg      William Kentridge    
Willem De Kooning       Susan Rothenberg     Kathe Kollwitz     Tim Pitsiulak     Richard Diebenkorn       Jacob Lawrence

Where to type, print or scan: The Computer Technology Center (CTC) is a computer lab offering computers, printers, scanners & copiers for any currently-enrolled Cabrillo student.  Monday - Thursday               8:30 AM—8:45 PM       
Friday  8:30 AM—3:45 PM      Saturday 9:00 AM—4:45 PM        Sunday Closed

From The Art Department: 

"PLEASE TELL YOUR STUDENTS TO CHECK THEIR LOCKERS! I have put notices on all lockers that are not labeled with an instructor's name and the current semester. Locks will be cut from lockers without current labels on Friday, 9/21.

If there is a notice that their lock will be cut, please ask them to label the locker with their instructor's name and the current semester, Fall 2018. This will save work for students and the department.

The deadline for clear labeling of the lockers is Friday, 9/21.

Thank you!"


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