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    • Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set
    • Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Ink Starter Set

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    Jacquard Screen Printing Inks
    These professional, permanent screen printing inks can be used on a wide variety of porous and non-porous 
    surfaces, including vinyl, metal, clay, leather, and natural and synthetic fabric and paper. 
    Ideal for commercial applications, they have a soft hand and a long open time, 
    giving the user more time to work with individual colors.
    Jacquard Screen Printing Inks are extremely lightfast with great resolution, 
    and their opacity is unparalleled. They won’t wrinkle paper when screening art prints, and 
    they’re washable and dry-cleanable on fabrics after heat-setting or air-curing for at least 72 hours.
    Cleanup is easy with just soap and water.

    Permaset Aqua Fabric Ink is an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use ink that provides long-term durability without compromising its soft handle.
    The colors are 100% solvent-free and water-based, offering superior performance, durability, and softness. The pigments are rich in coverage, intensity, and produce exceptional color yield. The inks are low odor, and can easily be cleaned up with water. Supercover and metallic colors are opaque, and they can be used on light or dark fabrics.
    After heat fixing, the resilient resin base holds strong during rubbing, washing, or dry cleaning on cotton, polyester, silk, and most synthetic fabrics.

    Union Aerotex Textile Ink is a water-based ink that, when mixed with the included catalyst, cures at room temperature to obtain optimum wash resistance just 24 hours after printing!
    Aerotex inks are great for use on T-shirts and other fashion garments.They are formulated for printing on cotton, cotton/synthetic blends, and many synthetic fabrics. Aerotex Inks are not recommended for nylon or fabrics which are treated with water-repellent coatings.
    Aerotex inks have good opacity and may be printed on medium-colored grounds. White may be printed as a separate color or may be added to Aerotex colors for increased opacity and overlays.

    Speedball Waterbased Fabric Screen Printing Inks are great for use onlight-colored cotton, linen, blends, polyester, rayon, and other synthetic fibers (except nylon). Use the process colors for 4-color process printing. The inks can also be brush-applied to tennis shoes, canvas bags, and more.
    Use them with water-resistant hand-cut films or direct emulsions such as Speedball Diazo Photo Screen Printing Emulsions or Speedball Drawing Fluid.
    Recommended screen fabric is 74-124 mesh monofilament or 6XX to 10XX multifilament. Clean ink from screens with water. Inks should not be allowed to dry in the screen.
    All garments should be pre-washed and the process pre-tested before a production run. After printing, allow to dry and then heat set with a household iron at medium setting for 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

Where to Buy Materials:
Local Stores: 

  1. Cabrillo College Book Store (may not carry everything or prices might be higher)
  2. Lenz Arts in Santa Cruz:, 142 River St.,
  3. Palace Art & Office Supply in Santa Cruz and Capitola, 41st Ave. & Downtown (Pacific Garden Mall):     AND 
  4. S & G Hand Made Crafts in Aptos: (831) 722-8240 10
  5. Wild Rose, Watsonville: Crossroads Shopping Center
    1929 Main St, Ste 1, Watsonville, CA 95076, (831) 722-4282
  6. Art Supplies, Ink in Aptos: 7960 Soquel Drive, Suite H1. Aptos, CA 95003, 831-708-2855,  

    Online and other stores:

      1. University Art, San Jose:
      2. Michael’s Art Supply (various locations)
      3. Daniel Smith Art Supplies:
      4. Dick Blick Art Supplies:
      5. MisterArt: 
      6. Pearl Art and Craft Supply:
      7. Screenprinting equipments and supplies: 
      8. Screenprinting equipments and supplies:

      Screen printing supplies, and online demos:                           


      About Acrylic Paints:

      Acrylic Paints:

      • Preferably students shouldn’t buy other brands other than those mentioned here.
      • Students may choose colors from any brand, as long as they are the same or mix brands.
      • Students may NOT buy paints that have the word "*hue" after color’s name. Ex: Cadmium red hue. (See the end of materials list for explanation)
      • Paints’ names are slightly different for each brand.
      • DO NOT buy Daler Rowney brand.

      Brands that you may purchase: Golden, Liquitex are good brands. Other acceptable brands: VanGogh/Amsterdam, Grumbacher, A>2 Chroma, Winsor & Newton   

      Students should buy 1 2oz (75 ml) tubes/jars of each below number color (total of 5 color tubes)+ black and white (bigger tube or two 2oz., and Gloden is strongly recommended):

      1.      Black: Mars black, or Carbon black or Ivory black
      2.      White: Titanium (4 or 5  oz. or 2 2oz. tubes)
      1. Any of these Yellow s or (students may buy one light, and one medium): Hansa yellow medium, yellow medium Azo, Cadmium yellow medium, Hansa yellow light, Cadmium yellow light
      4.      Magenta: Quinacridone Magenta
      5.      Any of the these Red: (Golden) Napthol Red Light, (Liquitex) Napthol Red Medium, (Grumbach) Cadmium Red      
      6.      Blue: Pthalo blue (green shade but NOT red shade)
      7.      Blue: Ultramarine Blue (red shade NOT green shade)
      We need both Blue (#6 & 7)
      *When you see “hue” written on a paint tube (ex: Cadmium Red hue) it means imitation, not a pure pigment but a combination of cheaper available reds to make a color very close. So you can imagine it’s never going to have the color saturation that an artist grade paint will have.

      Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics are naturally creamy and fluid. That makes them just right for tole and decorative arts, stenciling, murals, silk-screening, calligraphy, printmaking, graphic design, sculpture, photo retouching, hard edged painting, watercolor techniques, fabric painting without heat setting, airbrush
      illustration ... you name it! They're great for all surfaces, including wood, fabric, ceramics, canvas, or any porous surface.

       Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Colors are professional-quality acrylics that have an exceptionally smooth, thick, buttery consistency, ideal for traditional art techniques that employ brushes and painting knives, as well as experimental, mixed-media, collage, and printmaking applications.